Infrared Thermography

Infrared Thermography

Cranbrook Pest Control now offers infrared thermal imaging home inspections at a reasonable price. If you are thinking about listing your home with a realtor, a thermal scan of the house can spot potential problems that a home inspector may find. Finding issues within a structure before they become problems can save you money in the long run. Control your heating and cooling costs by finding the areas where you are losing energy. It’s also a great way to ensure your insulation was installed properly!

Spot Problems Before They Start

Our inspection has the ability to reveal potential pest invasions, moisture intrusion that can lead to mould, hidden water damage, roof moisture, plumbing leaks, missing insulation, leaks in furnace and boiler venting, electrical hot spots, foundation cracks, radiant floor leaks, window and door seal issues—just to mention a few.
With an infrared thermography inspection, we can “see” and “measure” the heat energy that is emitted by walls, ceilings and foundations. The thermal images (called thermograms) can identify a wide variety of problems that may not be visible to the naked eye. Damaged insulation, water intrusion and pest activity all produce different heat signatures and can be identified in the thermal images.
Pinpoint Infestation Treatment

Pinpoint Infestation Treatment (Wasp nest in the wall)

In the image shown here, a heat signature within a wall cavity revealed where wasps had been creating a nest. With this information, we are able to pinpoint the location for treatment without having to cut a hole into the wall. A simple, small hole drilled into the wall cavity and product introduced via injection method is all that is needed to render the nest inactive.


Save on Energy Costs

With thermal technology, we can easily diagnose most problems without having to second guess what the problem may be. The photo of the roof shows that there are points of entry for such pests as cluster flies and perhaps even bats. As well, the photo also indicates serious issues with the insulation within the attic losing tremendous amounts of heat, leading to high energy bills.
The image of the entryway clearly shows that the seals around the door are in poor condition and in need of replacement. The energy savings that result will more than pay for the infrared inspection.
With a full infrared inspection, we will provide you with a complete report, including detailed photos of all the issues found.
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