Infrared Thermography

Cranbrook Pest Control now offers infrared thermal imaging home inspections at a reasonable price. If you are thinking about listing your home with a realtor, a thermal scan of the house can spot potential problems that a home inspector may find. Finding issues within a structure before they become problems can save you money in […]

Clean-Outs and Exclusions

We will perform a clean-out for you in regards to rodent droppings, bat guano, etc. To guard you from potential health hazards associated with this type of work, our trained professionals will do this for you. We utilize all safe measures using WCB standards to assure that there are no medical or biological hazards. We also […]

Bed Bug Control

If you’re looking for pest management professionals to treat bed bugs, Cranbrook Pest Control can help you control the bed bugs before they become a serious infestation. We’re here to help you understand and effectively eliminate your bed bug problem. We’ll begin with a thorough inspection to identify the infested areas. Then we will establish […]

Wasp, Hornet and Bee Control

The technician will be injecting or spraying a pesticide directly in or onto the nest to kill all stages of the insect present in the nest. If possible, we will remove the nest. Wasps that are out of the nest at the time of the treatment may return to the area and be controlled upon […]

General Insect Control

We offer various different insect control programs depending on your individual needs. We have treatments for outdoor insects such as ants, wasps, spiders, beetles, etc., as well as treatments for indoor insects and spiders—all to suit your needs. We also offer treatments that offer protection from all insects and spiders both inside and outside of […]

Carpenter Ant Treatment

Our treatment for carpenter ants focuses on both the interior and exterior of your home. Our service professional will perform an inspection to determine areas where carpenter ants have entered and locate any nests that may have been established, whether it be around the exterior of your home or inside the walls of your home. […]

Rodent Control

We offer various control services for all types of rodents, from pack rats and mice to skunks and squirrels. Depending on your pest control needs, we offer inspections to determine the points of entry where rodents may be getting into your home or place of business, as this is important in eliminating the problem. Once […]

Commercial/Industrial Pest Management

We offer Integrated Pest Management programs designed for large structure areas such as restaurant, bars, hotels, manufacturing plants, warehouses, etc. We also provide washroom care, including air fresheners and urinal care. Our flexible programs can be customized to suit your individual needs. This service will provide long-term control of all pests on a regular basis […]

Home Protection Program

This is our most comprehensive program available. Cranbrook Pest Control Home Protection Program focuses on both the interior and exterior of the home, including the perimeter and outlying area. A three-step program will be implemented following a detailed inspection of those areas. Our first step is to target areas of the infestation where pest control […]