SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detection System


SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detectors/Monitors

SenSci Volcano Bed Bug Detectors capture and identify bed bugs. The Volcano can be used to detect early stages of bed bug infestation or monitor bed bug treatments.

This flexible bed bug detector acts as both a passive monitor without the lure and an active monitor with the Sensci Activ Bed Bug Lure (the lures are separate from the volcano detectors). 

It measures 3 x 3 x 1 inches with a low profile and discreet look. It has a textured exterior that is easy for a bed bug to climb and get caught inside. Inspection is easy with its clear bottom. It is designed as a maintenance free tool and even stops the bed bugs from escaping by preventing dust build up on its smooth interior walls .

Two Ways To Use Volcano Bed Bug Detectors

  1. Passive Monitor -(with out the SenSci Bed Bug Lure) is placed near the beds, carpet edges, corners and along baseboards. It is best to place this monitors within 5-10 feet where you sleep. Without the lure, the bed bugs are attracted to a host (unfortunately, that is you). This takes advantage of the bed bug's natural instinct to climb over obstacles and anything to get to the host and catches the bed bugs. Bed bugs travel along edges and baseboards to get the host sleeping on the bed or couch. Simply place Volcano on a flat surface where the bed bugs are expected to run.If there is not a person sleeping in the room (guest room or vacant room), the bed bugs may not come out of their hiding places in search for the host.You can convert this passive device into an active monitor, by using SenSci Bed Bug Lures.
  2. Active Monitors- Using the Volcano Bed Bug Detector with the SenSci Activ Bed Bug Lure (developed by Rutgers University) increases the effectiveness of attracting and catching the bed bugs. This lure simulates human sweat, serving as an attractant. This would be an important tool in monitoring bed bugs.

Inspect Periodicaly

Inspect by looking though the clear bottom. If bed bugs are present, simply tilt the monitor and shake them out (dispose in flushed toilet or sealed bag in an outside garbage can.