ClimbUp Insect Interceptor

bed bug interceptors
Take control of your bed bug problem with the eco-friendly ClimbUp. The ClimbUp Insect Interceptor forms a barrier between floor and bed. Bed bugs approaching the bed from the room will climb up the exterior surface and fall into the outer pitfall ring. Bed bugs climbing down from the bed will be found in centre well.
ClimbUp Insect Interceptor is ready to use with centre well and pitfall ring pre-lubricated with talc to form slick surface to prevent bed bug escape. The talc will not kill bed bugs. With repeated wipeouts and prolonged use, re-lubrication with talc is advised. Optional: To avoid handling of live bugs, dust (e.g. diatomaceous earth) or non-repellent liquid (e.g. soapy water, mineral oil) may be added into centre well and outer pitfall ring.