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At Cranbrook Pest Control, we pride ourselves on our knowledge and proficiency when it comes to effective pest management programs. Read what past customers had to say about the great service they received from us!
What a Difference
“Our store has a pet supply section that tends to attract many hungry mice. Despite every attempt by us, such as moving the pet food to the top shelf and placing our own mouse traps, nothing would stop these little critters from getting what they wanted and leaving us with torn open bags and lost product. We finally decided to hand over our problem to the professionals at Cranbrook Pest Control, and after only a few short months, our pest problem was practically unnoticeable! What a difference. We should have called them from the very beginning. Great service!”
—Brad Brehm
Assistant Manager, Home Hardware, Cranbrook, BC

Highly Recommend
Cranbrook Pest Control has been our pest control supplier for the past year. During this time, they have installed pest control devices and checked them monthly. We have been very satisfied with their service and promptness to pest problems. I would highly recommend them to anyone with problems of this nature.
—David Dupont
General Manager, Fairmont Villa Management, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC

Service Above and Beyond Expectations
“We built a log home in the Columbia Valley. When it was time to move in, we had a large infestation of carpenter ants, and soon after, we experienced a mice invasion prior to chinking our home. Being new to the area, we were recommended to go with Cranbrook Pest Control, who worked very diligently to eliminate our problems and we have continued to use them as a preventative measure ever since. The service was above and beyond anything we ever expected. Norm has been our regular service rep since the beginning, always personable and dedicated. We would recommend this company to anyone with pest issues.”
—Vic and Dee P.
(Home Protection Program)

xxxxSuperior Customer Service
“We had been attempting to bring a mouse infestation under control for several months. Our own tactics and other “professional” advice were proving to be highly ineffective. Cranbrook Pest Control was employed and we are extremely pleased with their effectiveness in dealing with our problem. We appreciate this superior customer service to assist us in creating a pleasant and safe environment. Thank you Cranbrook Pest Control.”
—Pat Chisholm
Better Babies, Cranbrook, BC

qualityReliable, Efficient, Thorough and Friendly
“We’ve been using the services of Cranbrook Pest Control for the last two years and we are very happy with the job that they do. The technicians are reliable, efficient, thorough and also friendly. Cranbrook Pest Control has given us better pest control service than anyone else we have used before. I highly recommend them.”
—Peter Banga
Owner, Quality Bakery Ltd., Invermere, BC