To the Managing Director or Owner

July 27th,2017 We had a carpenter ant problem in April/early May and called your business for an inspection and treatment. Arden Gallaway met with us and inspected our house and immediately found the source of our problem and applied a treatment.  To this day we have been rid of these ants! Arden first of all, was very professional and informed us in a very knowledgeable manner of our ant infestation, etc.  He was very thorough in his work and at all times very courteous.  He stopped by shortly after the treatment to see how things were and again he came by a few weeks later.  I had mentioned that we had lots of sow bugs coming into our attached garage and he offered to do another quick perimeter treatment, which helped get rid of these bugs as well. Arden did a great job for us and I would recommend him and your company to anyone asking me for help or advice regarding ant/bugs etc. It was a pleasure to meet Arden and we appreciate his good work. Sincerely, John Hogg