Shaun Devine

I was born in Greenock, Scotland. I have over 30 yrs of customer service experience in one form or another. The majority of this involved driving around the UK and European countries and included sometimes dealing with the rich and famous people of this world. I moved to the Kootenays in 2018, full time and married the love of my life, in the same year (your welcome Dear). I was a Boy Scout leader in Scotland for many years and just love what the Kootenays has to offer. It has been great getting out and exploring the area that we live in, If you have recommendations, I would love to hear from you. I have a Bachelor’s Science Degree that I did as a mature student, just to prove to myself that it’s not too late to learn new things. At Cranbrook Pest Control, it has been a learning curve but with my determination of knowledge. I believe I can implement what I have learned to help solve your issue. If I don’t know the answers to your questions, I will sure go out my way to find them out.